The Magnificent Covenant for tenor, soprano, chorus and mixed symphony orchestra (2020)

Majestic promise is a work specially composed for the opening ceremony of China ASEAN culture and art week in 2020, The work is written for tenor, soprano, chorus and mixed orchestra. The work uses a large number of Guangxi folk tunes, including "Ni de Ya", "roller coaster", "toast song", "folk song is like spring river water" and so on. It is a highly inclusive symphony of Guangxi classic folk songs. The work adopts the creative technique of combining Chinese and Western technology, which injects new vitality and world language into Guangxi folk songs. This work is based on Guangxi in content and style, embracing the ASEAN as well as the world. It is a spiritual tribute to this land and the coexistence and common prosperity of China, ASEAN countries and the world.



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