Linghu for six performers (2014)

As the first piece in "Jinyong's Wuxia characters", this work is for Violin and chamber music. Linghu Chong is one of the most appreciated characters in Jin Yong's works. He is a symbol for bravery, righteousness, chivalrous, wisdom. He is a man who has a heart for the world but a shield for all kinds of temptation. This kind of personality and spirit is a very important force in our nation, especially to the intellectuals. It has had a great influence on our nation for thousands of years.
Although kind of character is not often seen today, it is nonetheless rooted in our blood. The whole series aims to recreate an imaginary world, a world of conspiracy, evil mixed wgoodness hard. It is hard to distinguish between the true and false, and to see one's true personality. As the opening piece, this work is commissioned by the famous Japanese violinist Takeshima Loong.

Instrumentation:Violin,String Quintet