The Yongding Gate for the Tenor and the Chinese Traditional Orchestra (2020)

The Yongding Gate is composed for tenor and national orchestra. In the singing creation part, the composer combines Chinese opera, folk tones, and typical Chinese music styles with the tension of Bel Canto. In the band writing part, the composer uses Western classical and contemporary music creation techniques to serve the Chinese and freehand music language. This inherits the composer's consistent exploration of contemporary Chinese music writing in recent years. The work expresses the composer's understanding and praise of the real life and spiritual world of the people inside and outside the Yongding Gate of the Forbidden City over the past century.

Instrumentation:556-22444(2)-1 TP-7P-Hp-Str


Tenor: Xue Haoyin

Performing group: Beijing National Orchestra

Conductor: Zhang Guoyong

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