Li Shaosheng’s  Bio

Li Shaoshengis a composer in residence in China National Symphony Orchestra and Guangxi Symphony Orchestra. He is a member of Chinese Musicians Association, and the director of Chinese Musicians Association Composition and Composition Theory Society and American New Asian Music Association in China. He is the vice president of Shenzhen Performing Arts Exchange Association.

He studied at Central Conservatory of Music, the high school affiliated to the conservatory and the college. He then went to the United States and attended the Juilliard School and UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. He is the first Chinese composer admitted to the composition department of the Juilliard School from Central Conservatory of Music. Li Shaosheng's works cover various genres including symphony, chamber music, and opera. He has won many domestic and foreign awards. His most important works include the opera Marco Polo (2019); the symphonies Youth Chinese Caprice(2019), Bu Suanzi: Sending BaoHaoran to the East of Zhejiang(2015), Yunnan Song(2016), Hope(2018),Roaming in the years(2019), Yan'an! Yan'an(2019),Kunpeng Thousands of Miles(2021), The Yongding Gate(2020), The Breeze Comes(2020)and the mixed symphony The Covenant of Magnificence(2020). His chamber music works include Linghu(2014), Skyline on the moon(2011), Silk Road(2016),Invitation to Wine(2017), Five Aggregates(2018). His works Skyline on the moon and Silk Road are published by People's Music Publishing House, and The Fourteen Elements-Moon at Nightis published by the Central Conservatory of Music Publishing House.

Li Shaosheng’s works integrate Chinese and Western music languages, have a strong artistic appeal, and have received wide attention from all over the world. His works are performed in top music festivals at home and abroad, such as Carnegie Chinese Music Festival, New York Chinese Contemporary Music Festival, Australia Chinese Music Festival, Iceland Modern Festival, Thailand International Composition Music Festival, Beijing Modern Music Festival, Shenzhen “Belt & Road" International Music Festival, Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, Tsingtao International Music Festival. His works are performed widely performed by many top orchestras including the American Composers Orchestra, New York Contemporary Orchestra, Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Iceland National Symphony Orchestra, Thai National Philharmonic Orchestra, China Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, Guangxi Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Chinese Traditional Orchestra, Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra and the Nanjing Chinese Traditional Orchestra.

The New York Times complimented Li's work as “deftly scored work that veering from lustrous Impressionist washes to folksy Ivesian polytonal clashes." His many other works have also been highly praised by international media and music critics.

Li Shaosheng has a special talent for planning and organizing artistic events. He serves as the music director at the China-ASEAN Music Voice, the project director of the Beijing Modern Music Festival, the executive director of the Qingdao Ocean International Music Festival, and the director of the Shenzhen "Belt & Road” International Music Festival Art Committee. In 2019, the "Glory of the Kings" symphony concert in which he served as the music director received widespread attention from Chinese audiences.Li Shaosheng also actively participated in social welfare and international cultural exchange activities, co-founded a charity campaign entitled “ Delivering the School Songs to remote areas”, established a group of young Chinese composers and related activities, and coordinated the Chinese and American composer projects. He has made significant contributions to advocating music and art education and promote international art exchanges.